EPOS H3 PRO Hybrid (vit)

Trådlös, brusreducerande, 7.1 surround, dubbel mikrofon, 30t+ batteri

Artikelnummer: 1196857 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: 1000893

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EPOS H3 PRO Hybrid Wireless Headset

EPOS Hybrid products deliver multiple connectivity options, and the H3PRO Hybrid headset offers lag-free wireless connection via dongle, exchangeable USB/console cables, and Bluetooth®. Enhanced noise cancellation with ANC is especially handy while on-the-go and the detachable boom arm adds versatility to this lightweight adjustable headset.

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  • Exchangeable Ergonomic Ear Pads
    Designed based on the anatomy of the ear, the ear pads are shaped to conform to the ear for a better acoustic seal and long wearing comfort. The ear pads are exchangeable and available for purchase from EPOS

  • EPOS Audio Technology
    EPOS engineered audio delivers clarity, resolution and precision for instant in­ game reaction. The deep bass response delivers the immediacy of in-game action while acoustic clarity delivers crisp intelligible chat for in-game strategy discussions.
  • Dual Microphones and Detachable Boom Arm
    Dual microphone technology with a microphone in the boom arm and a secondary in the ear cup improves the noise cancellation for voice pick-up and delivery of clear intelligible chat. The detachable boom arm adds versatility and its magnetic connection makes for effortless removal and reattachment.
  • Enhanced Noise Cancellation
    The closed acoustic design eliminates high frequencies while a built-in ANC slider on the headset gets rid of low frequencies to reduce distractions for full immersion in the game experience. ANC is especially useful for constant background noise like those experienced on your commute.
  • Audio Mixing with Bluetooth®
    Audio mixing with simultaneous Bluetooth® is possible with your wired gaming connections. With separate volume control over each stream, you can make a call or chat with your friends using a 3rd party app on your smart phone while gaming.
  • Wireless Audio Mixing with Android
    Wireless audio mixing is supported with Bluetooth® on Android. With separate volume control over each stream, Android users can mix two audio streams and make calls or chat with friends while gaming on the lag-free wireless dongle connection.
  • lnstant Mute
    The lift-to-mute feature gets you off the air for best in-game chat control. Lift the boom arm to mute automatically and instantly.
  • lntegrated Volume Control an The Ear Cup
    Make quick intuitive volume adjustments on the fly with a built-in volume wheel in the right ear cup of the headset. Adjust the loudness of your game audio without having to switch out of your game.
  • Lightweight Adjustable Fit
    Adjust the lightweight headset for an optimal fit with a built-in stainless steel slider in the headband and hinged ear cups that angle to fit any face shape. Remember your best fit with length indicators and click stops in the slider.
  • Exchangeable Ergonomic Ear Pads
    Designed based on the anatomy of the ear, the ear pads are shaped to conform to the ear for a better acoustic seal and long wearing comfort. The ear pads are exchangeable and available for purchase from EPOS.
  • Long Battery Life
    A single charge provides up ta 30 hours of wireless gaming on the low-latency dongle, 19 hours with ANC. Up to 38 hours of audio on a Bluetooth® connection, 22 hours with ANC. Up to 29 hours with the 3.5 mm cable, 18,5 hours with ANC
  • Cutting-edge Wireless Performance
    Designed for the garner seeking premium audio to enhance their wireless gaming experience, the H3PRO Hybrid headset delivers a no-compromise audio experience with a secure lag-free connection with the low-latency dongle.
  • EPOS Gaming Suite
    Enhance your audio experience through the EPOS Gaming Suite. Get 7.1 Surround Sound, and tailor game sound and communication on your PC.
Producentens garanti (månader) 24
Typ av produkt Headset - Bluetooth - trådlös, kabelansluten - 3,5 mm kontakt, USB-A
Stil Spel
Bredd 18.3 cm
Djup 9 cm
Höjd 17.6 cm
Vikt 308 g
Färg Vit
Frånsägelse av ansvar gällande bildfärg Den produkt som visas har eventuellt en annan färg
Rekommenderad användning Spelkonsol, bärbar elektronik, dator
Max manöveravstånd 20 m
EAN 5714708006947
Hörlursmodell Fullstorlek
Hörlurar, kopptyp Stängd
Hörlursteknik Dynamisk
Anslutningsteknik Trådlös, kabelansluten
Trådlös teknik Bluetooth
Bluetoothversion Bluetooth 5.2
Ljudutgångsläge Stereo
Ljudeffekter 7.1 Channel virtuellt surroundljud
Active Noise Canceling Ja
Frekvensrespons 20 - 20000 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.35%
Känslighet 116 dB
Membran 40 mm
Justerbart huvudband Ja
Formfaktor Inbyggd stång som kan avlägsnas
Operativt läge för mikrofon Dubbelriktad
Känslighet -20 dBFS/Pa
Frekvensrespons 100 - 7500 Hz
Reglage Volymkontroll, ANC på/av
Anslutningstyp USB (USB Type-A)
Headset (ministereotelefon 3,5 mm 4-polig)
Avtagbar kabel Ja
Inkluderade tillbehör USB-dongel, USB-förlängningskabel, headsetkabel, USB-C till USB-A-kabel, skyddsplatta
Kabeldetaljer Headset-kabel - avtagbar - L-formad - 1.5 m
USB-C till USB-A-kabel - avtagbar - 2 m
USB-förlängingskabel - avtagbar
Batteri Headset-batteri laddningsbart
Driftstid (upp till) 38 timme/timmar
Runtime-detaljer Kontinuerlig uppspelning (brusreducering PÅ/Bluetooth): upp till 22 timmar
Kontinuerlig uppspelning (brusavstängning AV / Bluetooth): upp till 38 timmar
Kontinuerlig uppspelning (brusreducering PÅ/kabelanslutning): upp till 18.5 timmar
Kontinuerlig uppspelning (brusavstängning AV/kabelanslutning): upp till 29 timmar
Kontinuerlig uppspelning (brusreducering PÅ/Bluetooth/låglatensdongel): upp till 19 timmar
Kontinuerlig uppspelning (brusreducering AV/Bluetooth/låglatensdongel): upp till 28 timmar
Kontinuerlig uppspelning (brusreducering PÅ/låglatensdongel): upp till 19 timmar
Kontinuerlig uppspelning (brusreducering AV/låglatensdongel): upp till 30 timmar
Kontinuerlig uppspelning (brusreducering AV/Bluetooth/konsolkabel): upp till 19 timmar
Kontinuerlig uppspelning (brusreducering PÅ/Bluetooth/konsolkabel): upp till 27 timmar
Laddningstid 2 timme/timmar
Mått och vikt (brutto)
Emballagets bredd 9.5 cm
Emballagets djup 22.6 cm
Emballagets höjd 23.7 cm
Emballagets vikt 719 g