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Artikelnummer: 1167591 / Tillverkarens artikelnummer: MCB-NR200P-WGNN-S00

Cooler Master MasterBox NR200P Mini ITX (vit)

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Big Features - Small Size 

Style Without Sacrifice 

The MasterBox NR200P uses features normally found in stylish, high-end ATX cases and cleverly utilizes space-saving measures to create a chassis taking up less than half the volume. Every feature is thoughtfully laid out in an 18-liter space to maximize component compatibility, thermal efficiency, and ease of assembly.
Keep cool with a highly vented side panel, or look cooler with a crystal-clear tempered glass panel; both are included to satisfy performance and style preferences. Fit large graphics cards in the 3-slot capable NR200P, or utilize the two vertical cards slots with the included PCI riser to turn graphics cards and heads by making the GPU the centerpiece of the PC. Seven possible fan mounts, ample ventilation, and generous liquid and air-cooler clearances keep even the most powerful systems running at their optimum temperatures and speeds. The chassis frame is wrapped in a sleek and tasteful powder-coated steel chassis that makes a statement on a desk.

Limited Size, Unlimited Options

The NR200P includes many features found in larger ATX chassis while retaining a space-efficient form factor. The NR200P comes with the choice of a vented steel side panel for unrestricted airflow, or a crystal-clear tempered glass side panel to reveal the beauty of a computing beast. A PCI Riser is included for vertical GPU installation to better showcase it against the glass, or to feed it fresh air from the side with the vented panel.

Unrestricted Cooling Potential 

The NR200P can house up to 7 fans in total for every cooling configuration imaginable. Two 120mm Sickleflow fan are included. The compact structure can efficiently house CPU coolers up to 155mm in height and radiators up to 280mm in length, so even the hottest running hardware can’t be held back.

Triple-Slot GPU Support And Included Vertical Riser Cable

Triple slot GPUs are supported with a maximum length of 330mm and maximum width of 156mm allowing the fitment of large high-end graphics cards. A custom-sized riser cable is included to mount a graphics card vertically to showcase it, or allow radiator mounting at the bottom of the chassis to keep the system running as cool as it looks.

Easy Tool-Free Access 

All external panels, including the tempered glass and top mounted fans are secured with pins for easy removal, facilitating quick access to the internals without the use of tools.

360 Degree Accessibility 

Every panel and frame part of the NR200P can be dismantled. Screws are used to secure the frame parts to allow advanced disassembly and multiple angles to easily work inside of the chassis.

High Quality Materials 

Thick, powder coated SGCC steel keeps the fit and finish of the chassis clean and durable even with harsh traveling conditions

Out-Of-The-Box Custom Cooling Support 

Two liquid cooling pump locations alongside side and bottom radiator mounting locations allow for powerful, custom water-cooled builds inside a compact enclosure.

Multiple Motherboard Support Options 

Compatible with Mini-ITX and Mini DTX. The PSU can be front-mounted for extra motherboard clearance with a maximum space of 244 x 226 mm.

Produktlinje Cooler Master MasterBox
Modell NR200P
Producentens garanti (månader) 24
EAN 4719512106778
Antal interna fack 6
Max. längd på videokort 330 mm
Tillverkarens format Tower
Maxlängd, strömförsörjning 130 mm
Max. höjd på CPU-kylare 155 mm
Anslutningar på frontpanel USB/ljud
Formfaktor Tower
Egenskaper hos systemkabinett Stöder 120/240 mm element längst ner, Dammfilter till överdel, Sidopanel i nät, Nedre dammfilter, 2 st. dammfilter till panel, Stöder 92 mm element bak, Stöder 120/140/240/280 mm radiator i sidopanel
Formfaktor Mini ITX
Moderkort som stöds Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX
Expansionskortplatser 3
Typ Ingen strömförsörjning
Specifikationer SFX12V/SFX-L12V
Inkluderade tillbehör PCI Riser Card
Färgkategori Grå, Vit
Färg Grå, Vit
Produktmaterial ABS-plast, Härdat glas, SGCC, Mesh
Mått och vikt
Bredd 18.5 cm
Djup 37.6 cm
Höjd 29.2 cm
Vikt 5.1 kg
Kylsystem Bakre: 92 mm fläktmontering x 1, Ovansidan: 120 mm fläkt x 2 / 650 - 1800 vpm / PWM-support (Pulse-width modulation), Nedre del: 120 mm fläktmontering x 2, Vänster sida: 120/140 mm fläktmontering x 2
Expansionsfack 2 (totalt)/ 2 (ledig) x intern - 3.5", 1 (totalt)/ 1 (ledig) x intern - 2,5 tum/3,5 tum delad, 3 (totalt)/ 3 (ledig) x intern - 2.5"
Tillhandahållet gränssnitt
Gränssnitt 1 x hörlur/mikrofon - mini-jack, 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1